Themes and topics

Each Alpha Summit conference in 2022 will deliver a dynamic agenda of speakers sharing their valuable insights on impactful topics with five critical themes.

Opportunities and Responsibilities with Sustainable Investing

With a focus on ESG standards and advances in sustainable investing, multiple presentations and conversations will delve into integration and adoption in investment management. An overarching topic will be how finance can directly help society address climate change risks through investment.

Excelling in a Post-Pandemic World

Our speakers will compel investment management firms to seize the opportunity to take a leadership role in how the world emerges from the disruption of the global pandemic, building back business and society “better and smarter,” through more beneficial systems and behaviors that can prepare the world for long-run risks that often result from crisis periods.

Harnessing the Benefits of Innovation and Technology

Moving beyond the learning stage, investment professionals are excited to unlock the power of disruptive technologies that will enable the industry to use data to digitally transform internal processes, analytical skills and customers experiences.

The Future of Capital Markets Today

Facing the risks and uncertainties of negative interest rates, inflation, and market volatility, today’s investment professional must prepare for a future of continual evolution – by learning about the market factors that impact our world and applying the skills required to shape that future.

Advancements for the Investment Management Professional

Now is the time for investment professionals to elevate and expand their knowledge and skills through organizational systems, technologies, and relationship that can optimize our clients’ experience and deliver the rewards of our personal investment.